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Frequently Asked Questions

  I have no water, what should I do?
  Is there fluoride in the water?
  Is the City's water as good as bottled water?
  What restrictions does the City have on watering landscape?
  What should I do if my sewer starts to back up?
  What should I do if my plumber needs As-Builts?
  Who do I call if my storm drain backs up?
  How can I find out whether an address has sewer or septic tanks?
  What is the hardness of the City of Boca Raton's water?
  How do I open an account for water or sewer?
  Who do I contact if I'm draining my pool?
  How should I obtain an easement for a fence installation?
  Who do I contact if I'm doing excavations in the state of Florida?

  Why is hydrant flushing necessary?
  What Takes Place During Fire Hydrant Flushing?
  How Often are Hydrants Flushed?
  How do I Get on the Pre-flushing Notification List?
  Will Hydrant Flushing Affect Your Water?
  What Should I do When There is Flushing in My Area?
  What Should I do After the Flushing?
  Why Does my Water Look Funny After Hydrant Flushing?

Customer FAQ’s
  Who manages the City’s Backflow Program?
  Where do test reports get submitted?
  How can I find a plumber authorized to perform backflow testing in Boca Raton?
  Where does my certified tester submit test results?
  How can I receive notifications?
Plumber FAQ’s
  Who manages the City’s Backflow Program?
  Where do I submit my customer’s test reports?
  How do I become a certified backflow tester with the City of Boca Raton?
  I need to check on due dates for annual testing for my customer.
  Is there ever duplication of testing?
  What should I do if I discover a discrepancy in the field versus City provided information (meter number, meter location, address, backflow unit serial number, etc.)?
  How do I know if this is the service area of the City of Boca Raton or Palm Beach County?