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Our Geography

Boca Raton was incorporated as a town in 1925 and since that time has experienced steady and substantial growth. As of 2004, the City had 83,960 residents. Boca Raton is the 25th most populous city in the State of Florida, and United States Census statistics from 2000 show Boca Raton to be the second largest city in Palm Beach County.

Geographically the City encompasses 29.6 square miles (18,572 acres). The City has five miles of ocean frontage and the park system covers approximately 1,080 acres. The last piece of available vacant beachfront property was purchased in 1994. This acquisition of the Ocean Strand parcel by the Greater Boca Raton Beach Tax District completed the purchase of more than five miles of publicly owned beachfront property.

The City provides police services, fire-rescue services, municipal services (sanitation, roads, and traffic), recreation services (parks, beaches, golf courses, tennis courts, a library and a municipal swimming pool), and utility services (water, wastewater, storm water and reclaimed water). Boca Raton is known nationally and internationally as an originator in the area of comprehensive zoning. Both the low density, i.e. dwelling units per acre, character of the City and the innovative Park of Commerce Industrial Park have influenced development around the country. The sign code, which was initiated in the late 1960s, gives the City a unique look with minimal commercial intrusion into landscaping and streetscapes.

Our City is enjoying the results of the economic expansion of the 1990s. After weathering the economic storms of the 1980s and the loss of a major employer, the City has seen a steady increase in its industrial base. Boca Raton has become a Mecca for innovative computer development, using a well-educated, computer literate community as its base. Because of its initiative, the City has reaped the benefits of effective land use planning -- a stable tax base with increasing property values.