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City Manager's Office

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council as the chief administrative officer of the City. Implementation of the policies set by the City Council and the enforcement of all City regulations and ordinances are responsibilities of the City Manager. The City Manager recommends to the City Council adoption of policies that the Manager believes will benefit the health, safety and welfare of the community. The City Manager appoints the eight department heads and supervises all departmental functions.

The annual operating and capital improvements budgets are prepared by the Office of Management & Budget under the direction of the City Manager and submitted to the City Council for approval. At the conclusion of each fiscal year the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is submitted by the City Manager.

The City Clerk's office compiles and distributes City Council meeting agendas; maintains an accurate record of the proceedings of City Council meetings; publishes public notices as required by law; conducts municipal elections; serves as custodian of all contracts, deeds, ordinances, resolutions and other City records; coordinates record keeping activities of all City staff; coordinates the activities of the numerous advisory boards and commissions; and is the general information resource for the public.

The City Manager's staff is also responsible for all phases of human resources management. Human Resources handles the recruitment and employment of a workforce of more than 1,000 full-time and approximately 300 part-time employees, coordination of City-wide training, administration of compensation plans, employee relations, collective bargaining, and administration of contracts with the City's three labor unions.
The Information Technology Division is responsible for maintaining and upgrading all of the city's desktop, laptop and Mainframe computers. Information Technology also trains city employees in the use of various applications and is responsible for the city's web site.

The City Manager's staff is also responsible for the administration of the City's volunteer program and the citizens information program.