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ePlans FAQs

  1. What is an online building permit application?

  2. Can I E-Submit my application as an Owner Builder?

  3. How do I know what application type to use?

  4. Where do I find the applications and prescreening requirements?

  5. What are the initial fees to apply for a building permit?

  6. Can I put my entire project under one building permit application?

  7. What building permit applications need to be filled out and what signatures are required?

  8. How are electronic signatures for architect's and engineer's signed sealed drawings handled?

  9. How are the file types to be named?

  10. What type of electronic file formats are accepted?

  11. Can I put all of the documents in one multiple page pdf?

  12. Can I still submit permit applications, corrections and revisions over the counter?

  13. What do the status application codes mean?

  14. Can my subcontractor submit a correction?

  15. Can I submit corrections on-line if the initial application was brought in over the counter?

  16. What does PS or "prescreening" mean?

  17. Can I start work before the permit is issued?

  18. When can I upload my plans?

  19. How do I upload them? What do I name the files?
  1. How can the owner of the property track the progress of a permit?

  2. What do the status application codes mean?

  3. When does the plan review cycle start?

  4. Can I track the plan review progress?

  5. How many review cycles do I get?

  6. How do I know the plan review is approved?

  7. Do we offer expedited service for plan review?

  8. What does PD or "pending" status mean?

  9. Can I submit a revision online?

  10. Requirements for a revision?

  1. What do the status application codes mean?

  2. How do I know what the total fees are?

  3. What else do I need for Issuance?

  4. How do I get my approved set of plans and permit cards?

  5. When can I download my approved plans? How do I do that?

  6. What else do I need for Issuance?
  1. What is a CO/CC compliance check? Should I wait for the inspector? Can I call it in with building final?

  2. How do I know if I need a certain inspection?

  3. What do the inspection sequences mean?