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Chief Thomas R. Wood, CFOTom was appointed as the Fire Chief on August 21, 2006. He first joined the Department on June 6, 1974. Tom has served in nearly every position prior to his being selected as Fire Chief.

Under direction of the City Manager, the Fire Chief directs and administers, the operations of the City of Boca Raton Fire Rescue Services Department. The Fire Chief plans and directs the activities of fire and rescue operations including formulation of policies, procedures, budgeting, purchasing and program implementation;
The Fire Chief administers operations of Fire/Rescue Department including hiring, promotions, and work assignments. 

He is responsible for and plans departmental operation with respect to equipment, apparatus and personnel. Develops and implements short and long term department goals, objectives and programs.  He also prepares and administers department policies focusing on improving work methods, prepares budget estimates of anticipated expenditures and needs. The Fire Chief recommends codes and ordinances for fire safety and fire prevention programs and directs fire rescues disaster preparedness operations. He will evaluate the need for new apparatus and supplies and responds to major alarms.

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Deputy Chief Glenn C. Joseph The Deputy Fire Chief serves as a member of the Department’s executive staff and reports directly to the Fire Chief.  The Deputy Fire Chief supervises the following divisions in support of the mission of Boca Raton Fire Rescue Services Department: Emergency Operations, Administrative Services, Fire Prevention, and Logistics and Support.   He manages and supervises activities including fire and emergency medical responses, budget, procurement, logistic and support, fire prevention, public education and community outreach programs.
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Assistant Fire Chief - Raul Travieso
The "Administrative Services Division" is responsible for Emergency Management and Planning functions of the Fire Rescue Department as well as Fire Communications (9-1-1) and Training & Safety sections. Division personnel oversee testing and evaluation for the employment process of the Fire Department and are involved in administering the promotional programs.

The Division maintains all training records and administrative documents and reviews them on an annual basis. The Fire Department's Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) program is administered through this Division. All special annual events are planned and coordinated through the Administrative Services Division, including such projects as the "Fire Expo - Health, and Safety Fair" and the individual Fire Station "Open House" program. The Administrative Services Division handles all these responsibilities with the leadership of an Assistant Chief, 2 Division Chiefs, 1 Captain, and 1 Office Assistant.

Our motto is “… continuous improvement through Administrative Services”.

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Assistant Fire Chief - Michael Gergora
The primary service of the Logistics and Support Division is to provide service to maintain Boca Raton Fire Rescue Services 66 Emergency Response Apparatus and Staff vehicles in a constant state of readiness.  The Emergency Response fleet consists of 35 fire suppression, EMS Advanced Life Support, a Fire Boat, Hazardous Materials/Special Operations, and fireground support units.  This includes the Pride and Joy of our fleet, which is our first fire engine, a 1925 American LaFrance Pumper.  We affectionately call her “Old Betsy”.  The Logistics and Support Division has several other responsibilities.

These responsibilities include procurement of fire suppression and EMS supplies, uniforms, protective clothing, and vehicles.  This includes the development of design specification for all new apparatus. Coordinating the maintenance and repairs for 8 fire stations, a fire support and garage facility, and the Administrative office building are among the duties of this office.   These functions are accomplished through the effective teamwork of 1 Assistant Fire Chief, 1 Equipment Maintenance Specialist, 2 Vehicle Technicians, 1 Supply Officer, 3 Part time employees (1 Office Assistant, 1 Supply Officer, 1 SCBA Repair Technician), and the assistance of the other divisions of Boca Raton Fire Rescue Services.

One simple statement says it all … “Tell us what you need and we’ll get it done”

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Assistant Fire Chief - David Woodside
The Fire and Life Safety Division has the responsibilities of fire plans review, arson investigation, prevention education, and inspection of new and existing buildings throughout the city for compliance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code.  The division provides a proactive approach by reducing emergencies and the damage caused by them by conducting inspections on existing buildings.  The “Existing Inspection Program” provides technical support, information, and inspections to assure compliance with adopted fire codes. Businesses such as mercantile, restaurants, nursing homes, gas stations and other commercial occupancies are inspected periodically for code compliance.

Our Fire Safety Inspectors provide quality fire inspection services while educating our customers about fire safety and fire prevention equipment maintenance.  Currently, we conduct over 7000 inspections annually.  Fire Plans Examiners are responsible for reviewing construction plans of all new commercial buildings and renovation projects to determine compliance with fire code requirements.  This fire plan review includes code requirements related to means of egress, fire protection, fire detection and fire alarm system, hazardous materials, generators, hood systems, fireworks displays, and maintenance of these systems.

The enforcement authority for the fire codes comes from Florida Statute 633, Florida Administrative Code 69A, Boca Raton City Ordinances Chapter 7 & 9 and the Florida Fire Prevention Code.  The Fire and Life Safety Division currently has a staff of ten.  The staff consists of one Assistant Chief, two Senior Fire Inspectors, one Permit Specialist, two Fire Plans Examiners, and four Fire Inspectors.

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Assistant Fire Chief - Daryl Scott
The "Operations Division" is responsible for Emergency Medical Services, Fire Suppression, Hazardous Material & Special Operations response functions of the Fire Rescue Department. Division personnel respond to over 15,000 fire, emergency medical calls, and special operation type calls in addition to non-emergent Public Assist calls.

The Operations Division handles all these responsibilities with the leadership of an Assistant Chief, 4 Battalion Chiefs, 2 Division Chiefs, 4 EMS Captains, 33 Captains, 20 Lieutenants, 36 Firefighter Drivers, 88 Firefighters, and 1 Office Assistant. Responding from 8 fire stations strategically located throughout the City, with 4 truck companies, 4 engine companies, 2 brush trucks, 6 med units, 1 Haz Mat Unit and 1 fire boat. The Operations Division also coordinates the promotional processes with the assistance of the Administrative Services Division.