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Fire & Life Safety

Fire Safety InspectionThe Fire and Life Safety Division has the responsibility of helping to provide a safe environment for our citizens, business owners and their patrons through education and enforcement of the Florida Fire Prevention Code.  The Division is led by an Assistant Chief and is tasked with inspecting new and existing buildings throughout the city, review plans for code compliance to the Florida Fire Prevention Code and the NFPA codes, and investigate fires that occur within the boundaries of Boca Raton.  Our staff consists of a Permit Specialist, two Senior Fire Inspectors, two Plan Reviewers, and four Inspectors. 

Our Fire Safety Inspectors provide quality fire inspection services while educating customers about fire safety and fire prevention equipment and maintenance.  Fire Inspections can be classified into three categories; installation and new construction, ongoing compliance and re-inspection.  Certified State of Florida Fire Safety Inspectors conduct periodic Fire and Life Safety Inspections of existing buildings used for commercial and multi-family residential purposes as well as construction inspections.  Inspection types consist of sprinkler, fire alarms, natural and LP gas installations, generators, fire pumps, elevators, fire hood suppression, and specialty inspections.  Inspectors complete and maintain permanent inspection records and reports.  They issue citations when hazards or violations have not been corrected and issue written notifications for City Code Enforcement hearings.  Inspectors work closely with other city, county, and state departments to ensure code compliance and provide technical assistance pertaining to the application, enforcement, and interpretation of codes and standards.

Ask yourself these questions to determine whether your business will pass a fire inspection: 

  • Are fire extinguishers charged and functioning properly?
  • Do the smoke and fire alarms function properly?
  • Are exit signs clearly posted and lit?
  • Does your emergency lighting system function properly?
  • Are written evacuation plans posted at major exits?
  • Does each room have two exits?
  • Is anything blocking the exits?
  • Are extension cords used properly?
  • Do you document and post monthly fire drills?
  • Do the fire sprinklers work properly?
  • Are the ground fault circuits installed and functioning properly?
  • Are combustible materials kept away from children?
  • Are appliances properly maintained?
  • Do the heating, ventilating and air conditioning units function properly?
  • Are fire walls installed between units?
  • Are there holes in the fire wall?
  • Is your numeric address posted on the front your building?
  • Does each sleeping area have a smoke alarm?
  • Is the access control box installed properly and do the keys fit in the door locks?
Plan Review
The plan review staff consists of a Senior Fire Inspector and two Inspector/Plans Examiners. The Fire Plans Examiner reviews site plans, building and fire protection system plans, means of egress, and other fire and life safety plans and specifications. The review of plans and specifications is a code enforcement process intended to ensure compliance with the fire protection and life safety provisions of the building code, as well as the fire code. The Plans Examiner also provides technical assistance to architects, engineers, builders, developers, owners, and other agencies regarding fire and life safety code.

Fire Investigation Fire cause determination and subsequent investigation is the responsibility of the Fire and Life Safety Division. Most investigations are conducted in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal's Office. Investigative personnel are charged with the responsibility of analyzing fire incidents and rendering opinions as to the origin, cause or prevention of such incidents.