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Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance TeamThe City's Fleet Maintenance Section repairs and maintains 508 cars and light trucks, 80 heavy duty trucks and 306 pieces of equipment. This equipment includes all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, boats, tractors and Class 8 large trucks. Included in those numbers the City has 20 hybrid vehicles. The Fleet Maintenance section was awarded the A.S.E. Blue Seal of Excellence by the National Institute of Automotive Services. Fleet Maintenance also maintains fueling equipment and monitors fuel for the various fuel sites throughout the City.

After the fuel shortages experienced by the City during Hurricanes Frances and Jean in 2004, and then in November of 2005 when Hurricane Wilma left Boca Raton without power for days, the inability to purchase fuel for our emergency generators and City vehicles became a monumental concern. Twice struck, the City Manager wanted the City to have its own supply and transport in the event of any future emergency.

Fleet staff immediately began researching information to locate fuel tankers in a quick and efficient manner. The results were realized just before the start of the 2006 hurricane season. Fleet Superintendent, Tony Remige was able to negotiate the purchase of five pre-owned fuel tankers, along with additional emergency equipment.

The emergency purchase consisted of the following:

The City of Boca Raton Fleet Management Division and the Streets Division have been working very closely to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. The fuel team drivers have experience operating tractor trailers and since the inception of the fuel team they have been recognized for their efforts both within the City and by the Safety Council of Palm Beach County. Most of these employees have experience driving tractor-trailers and stepped up to the challenge when asked if they would be interested in this program.

The Crews run a regular pick up and delivery schedule throughout South Florida on a weekly basis and make a monthly run to Jacksonville, Florida.