HurricaneDon’t wait until the storm becomes a threat to do your vegetative trimming. The City of Boca Raton strongly urges you to execute these projects prior to the start of hurricane season.

In the event a hurricane watch or warning is issued, do not put out vegetation or any other type of waste for pick up on an unscheduled collection day as it may not be possible for the City to collect it prior to the storm. Your waste could become dangerous flying debris or clog storm drains and result in flooding. If the City of Boca Raton has been declared a State of Emergency, you can expect delays in all areas of service. However, Municipal Services will endeavor to have your hurricane debris removed in a timely manner. You can visit the City’s website for debris removal updates. We highly advise residents to gather their hurricane debris as soon as possible after the storm and have it ready for pickup. There is no set schedule for hurricane debris removal, and once the City has completed the hauling process, we will go back to our normal collection schedule.