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Traffic Operations

The goal of the Division of Traffic Operations is to maximize traffic efficiency and safety while minimizing inconvenience and congestion on the city roadway system. Traffic Operations have been actively pursuing the use of the latest technology to achieve this goal through the implementation of the Advanced Traffic Management System for the City of Boca Raton. Traffic Operations is committed to providing a safe and efficient traveling environment for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists who use the city's roadways.

The Division has oversight for the following functions:

  • Design, installation and maintenance of Traffic Signals
  • Design, installation and maintenance of Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings
  • Decorative Street Light installation and maintenance in Downtown area
  • Coordination with Florida Power & Light on Street Light installation and maintenance in neighborhoods and the roadway system
  • Design, installation and maintenance of devices related to Advanced Traffic Management System.

Signal and Illuminated Signal   Mastarm Signal

The Signal Section consists of a Chief Traffic Signal Technician, Four Traffic Signal Technicians and a Traffic Operations Aide. In addition to the regular traffic signal operations, the technicians have taken over maintenance of the equipment being installed as a part of the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) for the City of Boca Raton.

The Traffic Signal Shop currently performs the following generalized duties:

  • Traffic Signal Maintenance
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Traffic Signal Timing Design
  • School Flasher Maintenance
  • Decorative Street Light Maintenance
  • Signal Inventory Maintenance
  • Communication System Maintenance

The Signal Section currently performs maintenance and installation of the following equipment:

  • 136 Traffic Signals (2 more under design or construction) that are under central computer control
  • 780 Street Lights (150 additional lights are currently being added)
  • 42 School Flashers, that are under central control
  • 57 miles of communications cable
  • ATMS related equipment, including video monitoring cameras and ATMS central software.
Signal Crew Repairing Video DetectorSignal Crew Maintaining Decorative Street Lighting

The Traffic Signals Section maintains a computerized inventory of the devices and traffic signal equipment using Cartegraph SIGNAL View Software. This database is maintained regularly to keep an up-to-date log of field inventory. In addition, the Traffic Signals Section is working on developing an inventory for equipment in the shop and a work order system that will be implemented in the near future. The Traffic Signals Section maintains a computer repair and maintenance log to keep track of daily activities.

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Manufacture of Signs In City's Sign ShopSigns and Marking Section consists of one Signing and Marking Chief and two Traffic Control Technicians. The Signs and Marking Section manufactures, installs and maintains the traffic signs for all roadways under the jurisdiction of City of Boca Raton and Palm Beach County in the city limits. This Section also manufactures signs for other departments in the City. This section also provides roadway striping for all City roadways.

Signs InstallationSigns and Marking Section currently performs the following generalized duties:

  • Traffic Sign Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance

  • Traffic Pavement Marking Installation and Maintenance

  • Traffic Sign and Pavement Marking Inventory Maintenance

Signs FabricationThe Signs and Markings Section manages a computer inventory of all the signs and markings in the City limits. In addition, the section maintains a work order system to track work efforts of the staff and keep track of in-shop inventory.

All-Way Stop Signs:

When do we install All-way stop signs?

All-Way Stop SignAll-way STOP signs are installed at an intersection to assign right-of-way for the approaching traffic. Installation of all-way STOP signs require satisfying the minimum requirements or warrants outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Safety Devices (MUTSD). The MUTSD is a federal document published by the Federal Highway Administration, and Florida State Statutes require agencies like the City of Boca Raton conform with MUTSD regulations.

Warrants for all-way STOP signs include:

  • Where a traffic signal is urgently needed, all-way STOP signs may be used as an interim measure until the signal is designed and installed.
  • Where an accident problem exists as indicated by 5 or more correctable accidents within a 12-month period.
  • Where minimum traffic volumes are satisfied as specified in the MUTSD.

Should All-Way STOP Control Be Installed To Reduce Speeding ?

A common misconception exists that the installation of STOP signs will slow vehicles. Studies show some drivers completely disregard STOP signs than come to a complete stop. This can present a dangerous situation. The percent of drivers that roll through STOP signs or barely slow down as they pass through the intersection is very high.

Where STOP signs are installed as "nuisances" or "speed breakers", there is a high incidence of intentional violation. Unwarranted signs could also breed disrespect and impatience for other necessary STOP signs and traffic control devices. The Traffic Control Devices Handbook, by the Federal Highway Administration, states many unwarranted STOP signs installed to placate neighborhood complaints actually work to the disadvantage of the public.

The chart below shows the results of studies performed at selected unwarranted STOP signs installed on residential streets.

As an effective alternative, traffic calming features are physically constructed on the roadway require drivers to alter their behavior and slow down when traveling in and through a neighborhood all day, every day.

Children-at-Play Signs:

What are "Children at Play" Signs ?

"Children at Play" signs are of a warning nature and have no regulation behind them to be enforced. These signs are typically installed in residential neighborhoods to warn drivers on the presence of kids that may run onto the roadway. The City's policy is not to install "Children at Play" signs.

Why are "Children at Play" Signs not a solution for neighborhood traffic calming?

Traffic engineers are generally in agreement that no evidence has been presented to document the sign's success in reducing pedestrian crashes or vehicle operating speeds.

It may appear that "Children At Play" signs would provide protection for youngsters playing in a neighborhood by reminding drivers to slow their traveling speeds.  The signs encourage parents and children to perceive they have an added degree of protection. The sign can also be considered an open suggestion that this behavior is acceptable.

In fact, studies in cities where such signs were widely posted in residential areas show no evidence of having reduced pedestrian accidents, vehicle speed, or legal liability.

Neighborhood Logo Street Name Sign Program

The City of Boca Raton has initiated a program to provide recognition to homeowners in communities that are not under the special assessment district.  The program allows a group of homeowners to have a logo installed on the street name signs in their community. Some homeowners associations are already taking advantage of this exciting opportunity.

The City of Boca Raton has made a policy to facilitate the process to allow subdivision logo signs in all subdivisions.  The details of the policy can be obtained by contacting John Reilly, Transportation Analyst at (561) 416-3374, or e-mailing him at  A sample sign design is illustrated below.  The design of the signs must meet the minimum standard set forth by the City.

Each sign will include an appropriate street name and an area 6” high by 7 1/2” wide to facilitate the subdivision logo.  The logo shall be designed by the subdivision, and cannot contain any political, personal, or objectionable wording and/or art.

The subdivisions can take advantage of this program by simply writing an official request from a formal subdivision association.  In the absence of a recognized association, 51% of the property owners must sign the letter of request for the signs.  The City is requesting neighborhoods pay the manufacturing cost, estimated at $95.00 per sign, plus a maintenance deposit of 5% of the total cost, or the price of five (5) signs, whichever is greater. After successful completion of the installation, the City will accept permanent maintenance responsibility.

The City of Boca Raton has recently completed installation of the new signs in the Carriage Hill subdivision. 

The City uses round aluminum posts to erect the signs and there is no cost associated with this. If your subdivision would like a decorative post the City offers a forest green round aluminum post at a cost of $150 per post.

New Street LightingStreet lighting along thoroughfare roadways is a critical element to maintain safety during dark conditions. The City of Boca Raton gives high priority to maintaining street lighting along the thoroughfare roadways. In the cases of roadways not provided with streetlights, the major intersections along the roadway are provided with street lighting.

Street LightingThe City of Boca Raton maintains street lighting in the Downtown area. The street lights in the downtown that are painted dark forest green and are decorative lights are maintained by the City. The street lights that are mounted on wood poles and concrete poles along other thoroughfare roads and in residential neighborhoods (gated communities with a maintenance association are excluded) are maintained by Florida Power and Light. The city pays a monthly fee for the power and maintenance of these street lights.

Report Street Light Outage:

New street lighting requests along thoroughfare roadways or in residential neighborhoods should be sent in writing to the City. The need for street lighting will be determined based on field visits and location of adjacent streetlights. The city will request Florida Power and Light in writing and obtain a schedule for installation, if the streetlight is determined to be warranted.

Street LightingIn the event a street light that is mounted on a wooden pole or a concrete pole is not working, please notify Florida Power and Light with the address where the light is located or the pole number. The street light outage can also be reported through the internet at

For Decorative Street lights in the downtown, please call the following number:
Traffic Signals Section - (561) 416-3364

For Other street lights, please call the following number: Florida Power & Light - 1 (800) 4OUTAGE or 1-800-468-8243