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Transportation Planning

Staff is responsible for a broad range of transportation planning issues including, but not limited to, short and long range planning of transportation improvements, land development reviews, collecting annual traffic counts, and other related functions. Traffic staff coordinates with the Development Services Department for land development reviews to provide conformance to the City Code transportation related regulations, and on how land use decisions will effect the transportation system.

The Comprehensive Plan is the document that sets the framework for future growth and development in the City of Boca Raton. The Comprehensive Plan is required by state statutes that specify its overall content and structure. It consists of a series of chapters or elements, analyzing the City's future land use, transportation, parks and recreation, and other infrastructure and environmental issues.

The Comprehensive Plan addresses the City's needs for future public facilities, services, design, and other important issues affecting the quality of life and character of the City of Boca Raton.

Two elements of the Comprehensive Plan relating to the City transportation network are provided below. For more information on the City's Comprehensive Plan contact the Development Services department:

  • The Transportation Element examines the performance of the City of Boca Raton's existing transportation network including roadways, sidewalks, and bicycle facilities. The element identifies current deficiencies and future improvements to ensure that the traffic generated from future growth and development does not burden the transportation network.

  • The Recreation and Open Space Element inventories the City's existing parks and recreational resources and recommends additions and enhancements in facilities and services to serve future demand. This element is included for reference as it contains several goals, objectives and policies relating to pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

City of Boca Raton Road Jurisdiction Map


The Traffic Division is responsible for the review of site plans and master plans for all proposed development in the City to ensure compliance with pertinent applicable codes and standards. Proposed developments are required to submit a traffic impact study, quantifying the project's impact on the roadway network.

The City has adopted the Palm Beach County Traffic Performance Standards Code and the Fair Share Impact Fee Ordinance.

Site Plan Examples: click on images for larger versions

Fairfield Gardens Site Plan, A Residential Townhouse Development

Northern Trust Site Plan, A Bank/Office Development

The entire City Code can be found at

The following sections of the City Code provide information on site plan requirements relating to traffic and parking issues.
  • Traffic Study Requirements - Section 23-35
  • Sidewalks and shared-use pathways - Section - 23-162-163
  • Driveway Standards - Section 23-187 through 23-190
  • Driveway and On-site Circulation Technical Deviations - Sections 23-190
  • Access Management Standards - Section 23-191
  • Bus Shelter and Pullover Lanes - Section 23-192
  • Vehicular and Bicycle Parking Requirements Section 28-1646 through 28-1661

Developments are subject to a concurrency review to assess the necessary public facilities and services availablity when the development is constructed. Concurrency is a timing mechanism, to ensure the provision of development and facilities occur simultaneously. Roads are one public facility reviewed under concurrency. Concurrency is measured based upon level-of-service standards adopted in the Comprehensive Plan. The City of Boca Raton has adopted the Palm Beach County Traffic Performance Standards Code.


The City collects traffic counts twice a year on select City, County and State roadways within the City limits of Boca Raton. Counts are collected during the peak season (January-March) and off peak season (June-August) months.

Picture: City staff installing traffic counters along the roadway


The traffic counts are collected for multiple reasons:

  • Monitor growth in the City
  • Compare traffic fluctuations throughout the year
  • Identify problem areas
  • Conduct traffic studies and recommend roadways/intersection improvements
  • Provide counts to Palm Beach County to develop the semi-annual Traffic Count Map for use in administrating Traffic Performance Standards

Below are the daily and two-way peak hour traffic counts:

Palm Beach County now requires peak hour directional counts to meet the TPS. Please find the count station number by opening the Daily and Two-Way Peak Hour Traffic Count file.  When you have your count station number, click on links below for Raw Data:

The City of Boca Raton has adopted the Palm Beach County Traffic Performance Standards to measure for traffic concurrency within the City of Boca Raton. Please only use Palm Beach County approved traffic counts for these purposes.

The City in conjunction with Palm Beach County and Florida Dept of Transportation developed a Five Year Construction Map and a Five Year Construction List which is used in planning and funding future roadway construction. All projects in the first year of this plan are funded. Funding sources change from year to year as do project priorities. This map and list will be updated annually to address any changes.