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Community Improvement

The mission of the Development Services Department, operating in the Special Revenue Funds, is to sustain and promote the City of Boca Raton as a nationally recognized and desirable place to live and work. To accomplish this goal, the Department will work to protect and preserve neighborhoods, assist in the creation of jobs and the protection of the tax base by promoting quality development and redevelopment, protect and preserve the City’s natural environment, and support the provision of housing opportunities for all of Boca Raton’s citizens.


Community Improvement is responsible for administering the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program. For general information, please call 561-393-7756 (561-367-7043 for the hearing impaired). In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, information and documents appearing on this page may be requested in an alternative format.






FY 2015-2020 Consolidated Plan



FY 2015 Substantial Amendment



FY 2014-15 Action Plan



Housing Assistance Programs


CDBG Homeownership Assistance Program: The purpose of the Program is to assist eligible households to purchase a home located within the municipal limits of the City of Boca Raton to occupy as their primary residence. Assistance is intended to close the gap of funds needed for a purchase to be considered affordable under program guidelines. Program assistance is provided in the form of a deferred payment second mortgage loan. Loans shall be made at 0% interest for a term of 20 years. Program assistance may be used to provide up to 50% of the lender-required down payment, to reduce first mortgage loan principle, to reduce first mortgage interest rate and to provide assistance with reasonable closing costs, as necessary for affordability. The maximum award amount is based on need, up to $75,000.

CDBG Homeownership Assistance Information and Application Instructions

CDBG Homeownership Assistance Application

SHIP Purchase Assistance Program: Currently accepting applications. The purpose of the Program is to assist eligible first-time home buyers with a 0% interest, deferred payment loan to be applied toward down payment and closing costs for the purchase of eligible owner-occupied housing, and rehabilitation costs for minor improvements to the property after closing. The maximum award amount is based on need, not to exceed income category limits as included in the application. Available funding is very limited, and state set-aside requirements apply. New applicants may be placed on a waiting list.

SHIP Purchase Assistance Application Packet

Sewer Connection Assistance Program:Currently accepting applications. The City utilizes State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) funds to administer the Sewer Connection Assistance Program. The program assists eligible very low- and low-income homeowners who live in the neighborhoods impacted by the City's septic to central sewer system program. An application and instructions for the program can be found by clicking the links below. Available funding is very limited, and state set-aside requirements apply. New applicants may be placed on a waiting list.

Instructions for homeowners that need to connect to City central sewer system

Instructions for homeowners that have previously connected to City central sewer system

Application for Sewer Connection Assistance Program


Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC)