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Coastal Management


The City of Boca Raton conducts continuous interior inlet maintenance dredging to transfer sand past the inlet and to maintain the inlet for navigation purposes.  The dredging is conducted by a City-owned dredge.  The material dredged from the inlet is placed above the mean high water line of the beaches 500 feet south of the southern jetty of the inlet.

The City developed an inlet management plan in 1992 and was adopted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in 1997.  The inlet management plan set a bypassing objective of approximately 71,300 cubic yards per year to the downdrift beaches.  In 2002, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the city initiated a study to update the inlet sediment budget and validate the bypassing objective and inlet management practices.  In 2004, the bypassing objective was revised and increased to 83,000 cubic yards per year.  The bypassing objective is achieved through a combination of maintenance dredging using the City-owned dredge and nourishment of downdrift beaches using the inlet ebb shoal as a borrow source.


Jetty History


  1. In late 1975, the City of Boca Raton constructed a 180-foot extension to the existing north jetty. 
  2. Responding to the severe erosion occurring south of the inlet, a 50-foot weir section was added to the north jetty in January 1980.  The purpose of the weir was to allow a controlled amount of sand to enter the inlet and improve the City’s capacity to transfer sand past the inlet
  3. In 2004 the weir was relocated 50-feet seaward as part of the construction of the Central Boca Raton Initial Beach Nourishment Project.  The weir was shifted seaward to provide for a wider equilibrated beach north of the inlet.
  4. During the 2004 hurricane season the north side of the Boca Raton Inlet jetty was severely damaged.  Hurricane Wilma in 2005 further damaged the structure, necessitating reconstruction.  (Want to see full jetty re-construction story and photos?)