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Services A-Z

All A Services

Abandoned, Inoperable, or Wrecked Vehicles           (561) 338-1333

All B Services


Conditions           (561) 393-7989

Marine Safety personnel provide up-to-date information and advisories regarding swimming, surfing and watercraft conditions, as well as sea pest "alerts,"  via a recorded message.

Parking Permits           (561) 393-7806

All C Services

Cable Television Service

Comcast Cable          1-888-683-1000

Complaints about service should be directed to the provider at the above telephone number.

Cemetery/Mausoleum           (561)  393-7748

All D Services

Death Certificates(561) 837-5847

Copies of death certificates are issued by the Palm Beach County Health Unit's Office of Vital Statistics.


Declaration of Domicile(561)930-2962

Persons wishing to be registered in County records as a permanent Florida resident should file a Declaration of Domicile in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Recording Department.


All E Services

Elected Representatives

City         (561) 393-7706
County, State, and Federal


All F Services

Facility Rental

All G Services


Gang Prevention

See:  G.R.E.A.T.

Garage Sales

A permit is not required to hold a garage or yard sale.  However, it is illegal to place signs in medians and right-of-ways or to tack signs on utility poles or trees to advertise the sale.  One sign is permitted on the property where the sale is occurring.


All H Services

Hazardous Waste Disposal             (561) 687-1100

All I Services

Information (561) 393-7700

Call the City Hall switchboard for general information or to have your call routed to the appropriate department.


See: Building Inspections, Safety and Security Inspections

I.R.I.S.(561) 338-7333

All J Services

Jobline            (561) 393-7981

The City of Boca Raton jobline is updated weekly and provides information about current jobs available with the City.  Applications are kept on file for six months but are accepted only at the time of a specific job opening.

All K Services

No Data available

All L Services

Lawn Sprinklers -  (561) 338-7310

Lawn sprinklers must be positioned so water does not go on sidewalks and streets.  See:  Water Conservation/Restrictions

League of Women Voters -  (561) 276-4898

All M Services

Mae Volen Senior Center (561) 395-8920   -  1515 W. Palmetto Park Road

The Mae Volen Senior Center is a non-profit organization that provides various services for senior citizens. Weekday activities range from health screenings and lectures to recreational activities. Hot lunches are furnished. In addition numerous homebound services are offered such as transportation to medical appointments and the supermarket. The center also operates a day-care program for Alzheimer's patients and less active seniors.

All N Services


Dog Barking Complaints (561) 393-7934

The Code Enforcement Division has established a procedure to handle complaints about dogs barking unnecessarily.

General Noise Problems (561) 368-6201 

All O Services

Occupational Licenses (now known as "Business Tax Receipts")
City of Boca Raton Business Tax Authority (561) 393-7937
Palm Beach County Tax Collector (561) 355-2272

All P Services

PAL  - (561) 750-5477

Free athletic program for youth between the age of 10-18.

Palm Tran (561) 930-4BUS

Administrative Offices (561) 233-1166

All Q Services

No data available

All R Services

Recreation & Parks

General Information (561) 393-7806

Location of recreation sites and classes offered by or at City facilities is contained in The Recreator, a publication of the Recreation Services Department. The Recreator is distributed three times annually via The News and is also available in the lobby of City Hall and at other City sites. See: Athletics, Beach, Bicycle/Pedestrian Paths, Golf Courses, Tennis, Swimming Pool

All S Services

Safety and Security Inspections

Safety and security inspections of private residences or businesses are conducted by personnel from Police Services and Fire-Rescue Services. 
See: Fire Safety Inspections Sanitation
See: Hazardous Waste Disposal, Recycling, Solid Waste Collection

School Board

See: Board of Education


All T Services

Talking Books

City of Boca Raton Library (561) 393-7852

Palm Beach County (561) 265-0299

All U Services

User Fees

The City charges fees to the users of various services. The charging of these fees ensures that the user of the service pays for the service and not the general taxpayer. For example, the user fees collected at the golf courses and tennis courts pay for the operation of those facilities.


All V Services

Vacant Lots (561) 393-7934

Vacant lots must be kept mowed and free of trash and debris. It is the responsibility of the vacant lot owner to maintain the property. Grass and weeds are not permitted to exceed 12 inches in height. Complaints should be made to Code Enforcement.

Volunteer   Program (561) 393-7770

All W Services


Boil Water Advisory (561) 367-7004

This hotline provides a recorded message with updated information on any boil water advisories affecting large portions of the water service area.

Conservation/Restrictions (561) 338-7310

All X Services


A pamphlet on xeriscaping (water efficient landscaping) can be obtained in the City Clerk's office.

All Y Services

Youth Programs

The City of Boca Raton offers a variety of programs and services for the young people of the community. Safety and other educational programs, sport and recreational programs, as well as intervention programs are among those available. Call the main number to be routed to a program of specific interest. Consult this guide or The Recreator, or call the City Hall operator.