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The Crime Prevention Specialists at the Boca Raton Police Services Department spend countless hours in the education of the citizens of our community and are available to assist you in making your home or business more CRIME RESISTANT.

For Further information contact the Crime Prevention Office at (561) 347-3938.

Please read the following TIPS, helpful in deterring crime and promoting safety...


  • Do not leave keys in your vehicle. Lock your car and take your keys with you. Close all windows
  • Always keep windows up and doors locked - even while driving
  • Use your horn as a deterrent when you are in your vehicle
  • If someone suspicious approaches your vehicle, use the horn but dont get out
  • If you use a lighter receptacle for radar, radio or telephone, remember to remove the item when leaving the car and reinstall the lighter. Thieves look for empty receptacles.
  • Park in a well-lighted area
  • Park with the wheels turned sharply to the right or left. This makes it difficult for professional thieves to tow your car
  • When parking a front-wheel drive car, put on the emergency brake and place your automatic transmission in "park" or leave your manual transmission in forward or reverse gear. This locks all four wheels, which makes towing your car difficult.
  • Put packages or valuables out of sight. Radios, tape decks, car phones, etc invite theft when left in view. Lock such items in the trunk, if possible.
  • Keep your license and registration in your wallet or purse. If you leave them in your car, thieves can use them to sell the car or to impersonate you.
  • If you have a garage, use it. Lock both the vehicle and the garage.
  • When you must leave a key with an attendant in a parking lot, leave only the ignition key. Retain all others. Make sure your key number doesn't appear on the key you leave behind.
  • Install and use one or more of the many anti-theft devices available. There are two basic types: Passive and Active. Passive systems activate automatically when you remove the ignition key or lock the doors. Active systems require the operator to turn them on. Within these two broad categories are a wide variety of devices including motion
  • Shut down all batteries at the battery switches
  • Remove or conceal all high electronics
  • If you live on a canal, utilize sensor lighting and focus it on the boat
  • Use the tilt and lock mechanism in order to delay anyone the opportunity to steal your boat
  • Do not allow "friends" to come into your property to use your boat when you are not home (neighbors will be unaccustomed to seeing strangers)



The Boca Raton Police Services Department currently has one full time investigator and one part time investigator of economic crimes. These investigations involve all types of fraud, from bad checks to exploitation of the elderly.

Normally, victims of bad check cases are given information packets to be filled out, which are from the State Attorney's Office. Once completed, these packets are forwarded, by the victim, to the State Attorneys office for prosecution.

This procedure was implemented to decrease investigative time for the more involved types of fraud. The investigators are sent to specialized schools where they are trained in the investigation of all sorts of fraud. Some of these fraud cases can take years to investigate and involve millions of dollars.

Some types of fraud take the form of a variety of different scams.

These scams have one thing in the end the victim has given money for a false claim or an inferior product.

The best way to avoid scams is to thoroughly check out any product or claim before paying for it. Remember--if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Know your neighbors and their lifestyle routines so that you can spot "unusual" or "suspicious" happenings that should be investigated
  • Promptly notify the police department of any "suspicious activity" in your neighborhood
  • Keep all exterior doors and unmonitored windows locked - even at home
  • Keep one or more lights "on" in your residence when out for an evening
  • Never admit strangers into your home, under any pretext, without proper identification
  • Always keep garage doors shut and locked except when in use
  • Arrange to have newspapers and other delivery suspended while away on vacation. Ask a neighbor to collect your newspapers during short absences
  • Never try to apprehend a suspected criminal. Leave that to the Police
  • Join Citizens Crime Watch, Inc. and learn how to improve the security of your home and neighborhood