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Boca Raton Police remind beachgoers of auto burglaries

Many beachgoers do not want to take all of their possessions onto the sand and often leave valuables unattended in their vehicles. As we move into the summer beach season with kids out of school and holiday weekends approaching, the Boca Raton Police Services Department is reminding everyone to take valuables out of their cars.  Other tips include: 

  1. Close windows and lock doors.
  2. Keep the interior of your vehicle clean and free of valuables.
  3. If valuables must be left in your vehicle, place them in the trunk prior to arrival at your destination. Thieves may be watching as you arrive.
As you leave your vehicle to enjoy your day at the beach, be aware of your surroundings. Look for people who loiter, lift door handles, or are looking into vehicle windows. Report these people to police by calling (561) 368-6201 or 911. Make your stay at the beach safe and enjoyable.