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Residential and business security surveys
By: Officer Kurt Brower

In a recent citizen's survey, slightly more than 60% of the respondents reported that they were unaware that the Boca Raton Police Services Department offered free security surveys to residents and owners of businesses within the city.  Security surveys are a valuable tool used to identify and remedy areas vulnerable to criminal activity, creating a sense of safety, and reducing the opportunity for criminals to strike.

The Boca Raton Police Services Department has several officers who are Certified Crime Prevention Practitioners serving the citizens of Boca Raton.  These officers have completed, at a minimum, 120 hours of crime prevention training to include Basic, Residential and Commercial Crime Prevention Applications.  This training provides officers with the skills needed to complete comprehensive security and loss prevention evaluations of residential and commercial properties. 

Upon contacting the Boca Raton Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit, one of our Crime Prevention Practitioners will set up an appointment to meet with you at your residence or business.  The officer will tour your location and ask detailed questions in order to get a complete understanding of your security needs.  During this process, the officer will evaluate lighting, vegetation, locks, and security procedures among other things.  Once the officer has made their assessment, the officer will review their findings with you and provide a comprehensive detailed report.  Although the officers will make recommendations for modifications, he or she will not endorse or recommend specific companies.   It is recommended to get at least three quotes and ask for references prior to hiring anyone to do work in your home or business.

To obtain your free security survey, call (561) 347-3938 or send an e-mail to