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Thieves Are Using Valet Keys

Valet or wallet keys are usually found in the owners manual or in the glove box and do not always resemble a traditional key. Many consumers are unaware that they even have one of these keys in their vehicle, but car thieves know to look for them.

Criminals will smash out windows or car hop looking for unlocked car doors in order to steal whatever they can find; from electronics to change. Regardless of the entry method, thieves are stealing these valet keys while rummaging through the vehicle. A simple automobile burglary quickly becomes a vehicle theft.

Check to see if your vehicle came with a valet key, remove it and keep it in a safe place. By following these simple steps, you can help prevent becoming a victim. For more crime prevention information please contact the Boca Raton Police Departments Crime Prevention Unit at (561) 347-3938.