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Types of Fraud

  • Credit card fraud

Your credit card might be simply stolen and used or your card may have been swiped by the thief, capturing the information on the magnetic strip of your card. A counterfeit card is then created with this information and subsequently used. Your credit card information also may be obtained by someone simply writing down the card information and then using it to make online purchases.

  • Fraudulent / counterfeit checks

The thieves will either steal some checks from the middle of your checkbook so you do not notice right away or they steal the check information from a legitimate check you have written. Checks are not usually washed too much as due to home computer printers are quite sophisticated in creating authentic looking checks. These checks are then usually cashed at multiple locations using another victims personal information.

  • Phone fraud

Your personal information is obtained via phone usually by someone pretending to be someone legitimate.

  • Tax Fraud

An unknown person uses your social security number to file a tax return; or your personal information was used to receive tax services and obtain cards for credit (like a Visa gift card, usually issued by popular tax accounting venues)

  • Fraudulent electronic withdrawals

You may have your debit card in your possession or may not but the thieves use your
card information to make fraudulent ATM withdrawals

  • Homeowner related fraud / mortgage fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Utility theft

Your personal information is used to open a phone, FPL, cable account which is active for a brief time then terminated due to lack of payment. This type of fraud is usually recognized much later by victims and are frequently made aware due to calls from a collections company.

  • Medical insurance fraud

You may see your insurance was billed for equipment / services you did not receive.

  • Computer fraud

You may respond to what looks like a legitimate website and inadvertently give out personal information or accidentally download a program that allows the thieves to obtain information. Occasionally, a victims computer is truly hacked and information is stolen. This does not happen as frequently as victims just not having the appropriate computer protection or that information is given out.