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December 2011
November 2011
October 2011
    Loose Pit Bull bites woman, charges officer
    Delivery man IDs beer burglar
    Man Attempts to Rob Deli
    Man dressed as chef steals syringes from veterinarian hospital
    Woman duped by internet scam
    Two suspected burglars arrested outside LA Fitness
    Juvenile charged with possessing a destructive device
    Brothers arrested after search warrant
    Woman robbed of purse outside Publix
    Woman’s good deed, leads to stolen cell phone
    Pit Bull bites woman
      Husband shoots wife’s boyfriend
September 2011
August 2011
July 2011
Three officers and citizens rescue child trapped under car   Four potential burglars arrested by Tactical Team   Burglar linked to two year old crime through DNA
Resident alerts police to burglars stealing appliances from vacant home   Boca Police drug take-back nets over 45,000 pills   Anonymous tip leads detectives to burglar
Tactical Team arrests two suspected burglars   TAC Team arrests three likely burglars   Man tries to shoot his ex-girlfriend
Detectives track robbery suspect to Miami   Crime Watch honors City of Boca Raton and Boca Raton Police   Robber cleans out Pelican Cleaners
Traffic Homicide Investigators help secure guilty verdict   Boca Raton Police investigate two weekend robberies   Departments combine forces to train for active shooter events
Citizen, cops, spike strips, and K-9 nab two more home burglars   DNA links burglar to crime   Fake Auto Body Workers Arrested
Man robbed of his jewelry   Alert Officer catches group trying to break into vehicles   Two teens break into homes for beer
Alert neighbors instrumental in arrests of burglars   Vigilant witness alerts police to burglary   Woman interrupts burglary
Suspect grabs gold necklace   Joint surveillance effort nets three potential burglars   Gunman attempts to rob woman in hotel parking lot
Multiple businesses burglarized, one possible suspect sought   Quick Boca Police response nets two juvenile robbers   Man arrested for burglaires
Pedestrian hit and killed on Glades Road   Man returning from club robbed at gunpoint   Gunman robs Checker's
Two burglary suspects caught in the wrong place at the wrong time   Alert officer ID's and arrests suspect for vandalizing church   Victim robbed after being followed from Walgreens
Woman robbed at her home after shopping at Publix   Detectives recover well-traveled Rolex   Teenager confesses to multiple burglaries
Suspected burglars caught on video   Tactical Team arrests auto burglars   Robbers arrested after purse snatching
Woman sought for using stolen credit cards   Two arrested for armed burglary   Burglar pinches puppies
Don’t Let Thieves Ruin Your Labor Day Plans       Man robbed at knifepoint for drugs and money
Boca resident and officers team up to catch burglar       Victim followed home, assaulted and robbed
        Squatter arrested for several burglaries
        Burglary suspect caught on tape ransacking pharmacy
June 2011
May 2011
April 2011
Gunman attempts to rob woman in hotel parking lot   Man arrested after stabbing acquaintance   Wireless Networks-Make sure they are secure
Man arrested for burglaires   Tactical Team arrests four burglars   Boca Raton Police Shred Event a Huge Success
Gunman robs Checkers   Two Boca Raton Officers Honored   Citizens Police Academy
Victim robbed after being followed from Walgreens   Burglary Arrest leads to more suspects and a lot of loot   Citizens can now Text a Tip to Boca Raton Police
Teenager confesses to multiple burglaries   Boca Raton Police Services Department to honor the fallen   Three fraud suspects arrested after trying to run over officer
Robbers arrested after purse snatching   Man robbed as he arrives home from work   Woman who scammed elderly man arrested
Burglar pinches puppies   Gas Station Burglarized   Document shredding event to help fight Identity Theft
Man robbed at knifepoint for drugs and money   Man steals womans wallet from office   Elderly man scammed by fake medical worker
Victim followed home, assaulted and robbed   Traffic Alert   Monthly Community Crime Prevention Workshop
Squatter arrested for several burglaries   Gunnman robs Sunoco station   Boca Raton Police bust large drug operation & suspected Clandestine Drug Lab
Burglary suspect caught on tape ransacking pharmacy       Husband-Wife Team Arrested for Strongarm Robbery
        National Center for Missing & Exploited Children certifies the BRPD
        Accreditation assessment team invites public comment
March 2011
TooJays Deli burglarized
Suspects flee drug deal, assault officers and crash into Volvo
Carjacking suspect arrested, vehicle recovered
Clerk at Quality Inn robbed at gunpoint
Armed gunmen rob Boca Pharmacy employees
DNA match, final piece of evidence against third robber
Update on home invasion robbery
Jewelry and Nintendo Wii taken in home invasion
Two arrested after stealing a/c unit
Boca Center teams up with Boca Raton Police to combine technology and savings to promote safety
Delray Beach man killed in single car crash
Man intentionally rams police car, assaults officer
John McKenzie charged with second sexual battery



February 2011

Teen robbed by two suspects on bicycles
Students report suspicious incident involving armed suspect
Robber arrested, second suspect sought
Deter soliciting at private residences
Man robbed in parking garage
January 2011
Auto thief arrested
Two burglars arrested in Boca
Tactical Team arrests two burglars
Auto burglar arrested after being caught on video