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September 2013
Auguest 2013
July 2013
Boca Raton Police investigate road rage case   Two busted for using fake credit card at Apple Store   Man charged with fraud at the Apple Store
Boca Raton Police investigate motorcycle crash   New version of old scam surfaces   Teenager arrested on consecutive nights
Boca Raton Police Services Department Announces New Crime Prevention Educational Series   Bicyclist killed in crash   Police investigate a suspicious incident at the Apple store
Two motorcyclists seriously injured in crash   Four arrested for car burglary after resident spotted them in the act   House cleaner admits to stealing from clients
Burglary victims detain suspect   Homicide suspect extradited from Colombia   Woman distracted, home burglarized
Teenager arrested for burglarizing school   Two injured in scooter crash   Man threatens officer after arrest
Boca Raton Police warn residents & businesses about FPL Scam   Detectives investigate two weekend robberies   Boca Raton Police charge serial ATM thief
Burglar sells stolen iPad to his bail bondsman’s employee       Boca Raton Police arrest two for breaking into house
Boca Police arrest cell phone robber       Two Kwik Stops burglarized
Man arrested for forging credit cards       Couple arrested after stealing purses
        Tactical Team arrestee also suspected of iPhone fraud
        Two arrested with thousands of dollars worth of stolen clothing
        Teenager arrested for breaking into home
        Teenager arrested for the third time this month
June 2013
May 2013
April 2013
Boca Raton Police investigate strong arm robbery   Suspect arrested in multiple iPhone thefts   Man arrested after snatching phone from baby stroller
Savvy resident thwarts potential break in   Boca Raton Police remind beachgoers of auto burglaries   Stabbing victim dies Suspect charged with first degree murder
Four Broward teens charged with burglary   Four suspects charged in T-Mobile robbery   Man shoots wife, then kills himself
Woman arrested for providing Botox without a license   Boca Raton Police search for suspect who attacked resident   Victim thwarts robbery outside hotel
Woman arrested for opening fraudulent accounts with stolen identities       Boca Raton Police looking for missing person ** Located**
Three arrested with booster bags and large amounts of merchandise       Two teenagers charged with six auto burglaries
        Armed robber takes phones from AT&T store
        Gym employee used victim’s keys to commit burglary
        Man charged with burglarizing Talia’s Tuscan restaurant
        Burglar caught in the act
        Tac arrest three potential burglars
        B-Kwik burglary suspect caught
        Carjacking suspect identified
        Suspect arrested for breaking into boarded up house
March 2013
Suspect arrested carrying stolen gun
Victim reports stolen iPhone
Woman carjacked outside home
Tac Team catches drug deal going down
Motorcyclist killed in crash
Man stabs ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend
Suspects in Josephine’s homicide arrested
Tac Team takes a bite out of crime at dog park
TD Bank robber arrested
Gucci watches taken from Macy’s Suspect grabs a watch from the clerk
Gucci watches taken from Macy’s Suspect grabs a watch from the clerk
Teamwork nets two potential burglars
Teenager arrested for robbing two men outside closed business
Man robs TD Bank



February 2013
Man seen in backyard arrested for burglary
Two men robbed at gunpoint outside closed business
Two men robbed at gunpoint outside closed business
Tactical Team arrests two burglars
Man arrested after charging over $6,000 on fraudulent card
Man arrested for robbing woman outside Publix
Boca Raton detectives charge doctor with trafficking
Boca Raton Police arrest suspects in “rock” car breaking into cars
Boca Raton Police Rx Drop Box a success
Boca Raton Police looking to identify Rolex thief
Boca Raton Police investigating crash
Trio in rental car caught prowling
Suspect arrested on child sex charges
Neighbor alerts police to burglar
Auto burglary suspects caught in the act
January 2013
Free shred event nets nearly 20 tons of paper
Burglary suspects caught on camera
Suspect looking for “friends” in all the wrong places
Man arrested for skimming customer’s credit cards
More residential burglars arrested
Annual Meeting of Citizens Crime Watch of Boca Raton for Members and the Public
Two arrested after trying to break into security guard’s car
Driver of SUV killed in collision with train
Three teens arrested after residential burglary spree
Man loses necklace while taking out the trash
Traffic stop turns up identity theft victims
Tactical Team arrests two potential burglars
Boca Raton Police and Microshred Corporation team up to help fight Identity Theft
Bartender killed during armed robbery