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If You Love It, Don't Leave It!

During the last few years, smart phones have become a staple in our culture. Whether it is an Android, iPhone, tablet or e-reader, most Americans either have one or have heard of them. The value of these devices in our lives is unquestionable, but along with the benefits comes opportunity for criminals. The Boca Raton Police Department has noticed an increase in thefts of these types of devices. Overwhelmingly, they are crimes of opportunity. Please safeguard your smart phones, tablets, and all valuables. If you love it, don’t leave it!


  • Smart phone thefts from businesses. Never leave your phone or tablet unattended; always bring it with you! Install tracking software and report thefts immediately to police by calling (561) 368-6201 or 911.
  • Distraction-style thefts. If you work in a retail establishment, be alert to subjects working together in an effort to distract you while the other person steals your phone from the counter or work station.
  • Thefts from restaurant and coffee shop tables. Do not leave your smart phones or devices unattended on a table or counter.

Keep smart phones secured on your person, lock them up in a secure place while at work, and do not leave them unattended even for a second!
If you love it, don’t leave it!

For more information, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (561) 347-3938 or visit