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Victim catches suspect breaking into his car


Boca Raton, FL Around 3:00 pm on Tuesday, Fernando Chang drove to the Town Center Mall parking lot on his lunch break and met his friend. He parked his blue Acura Integra and got into his friend's car. The two were eating their lunch in the car when they saw a white Acura Integra pull up next to Chang's vehicle. The driver of the car got out and walked into Sears. A few minutes later Chang and his friend watched the passenger in the white Acura get out and walk around Chang's car. He then opened his trunk took something out and tried prying the lock open on Chang's car.

Chang and his friend immediately drove over to the suspect and asked what he was doing while calling 911. When officers arrived they questioned the passenger of the white Acura, later identified as Kevin Ortiz, who admitted he was trying to break into Chang's Acura to steal parts for his own car. Officers found a small screwdriver on the ground and pry marks on the door handle of Chang's car.

Kevin Ortiz was arrested and charged him with Burglary and for an outstanding warrant for Failure to Appear.


Kevin Ortiz

DOB 12/10/86

8901 Wiles Road

Coral Springs, FL