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Two charged with shooting out 23 windows

Boca Raton, FL On Thursday, December 23rd at about 2:20 a.m., Boca Raton police officers responded to a report of what the caller believed were pellet gun shots coming from the vacant lot behind her building at 20 SE 14 Street.

As the first officer arrived and began checking the field, he heard noises coming from the parking garage at 1515 South Federal Highway. As he approached the building, he saw a white object fall from the top level of the garage. The officer climbed the stairs and located two males, later identified as Ryan Sexton and Charles Nadgeman, who were walking away from the officer. Sexton was carrying what appeared to be a rifle. The officer ordered both suspects to the ground. However, before complying with the officer's commands, Sexton threw the gun over the edge of the parking garage.

Additional officers arrived and checked the building and found 23 large pane windows damaged by small caliber ammunition. The rifle Sexton threw off of the building was recovered and it turned out to be a pellet rifle with a scope attached.

Nagdeman admitted the rifle was his and both suspects told officers that each had shot at the windows. Officers also discovered a tan vehicle parked on the top level of the parking garage that belonged to Sexton. Inside the car, clearly visible through the windows, was a bench marked 1515 on it. Sexton admitted that they stole it and he was going to give it to his mother for Christmas.

Officers met with a representative of the building who estimated the damaged to be in excess of $70,000, excluding damage to a vending machine, which they also shot with the rifle. Sexton and Nagdeman were both charged with felony criminal mischief, tampering with physical evidence, petit theft, and shooting into a building.


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Ryan Sexton                 Charles Nagdeman

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