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Boca Raton Police arrest two for breaking into house

Suspects just looking for stuff to sell to buy insurance for new car


Boca Raton, FL – Two Broward County teens say they came to Boca Raton to break into homes so they could make some money to buy insurance for the car they just purchased.  It was shortly before 11:00 am Thursday, July 18th when the resident at 1680 SW 17th Street was home with her two young children.  The resident heard a car pull into the driveway. Seconds later she heard her doorbell ring and before she could answer, the person on the other side smashed the glass pane on the door. 


Realizing someone was home, the suspect and his partner fled as the resident called 911. The resident described the suspect vehicle, a gold sedan, to the dispatch operator.  While responding to the scene, a Tactical Team officer noticed a gold Pontiac Grand Am heading east on SW 18th Street.  Upon observing responding marked police cars pass by, the occupants of the gold car pulled into a driveway.  After the police cars passed, the driver pulled out and began travelling east again on SW 18th Street only to pull into another driveway when they saw more police cars.  Again, the two began travelling east on SW 18th Street.  A stop was initiated and the suspects were taken into custody.


When exiting the car, the driver, Richardo Lagueere had a pair of gloves hanging out of his front pocket along with a window punch.  The passenger, Deandre Newsome, told officers he also had a punch in his pocket.  During questioning, Newsome told officers they were in the area looking for a house to rent. Lagueere added that they came to look for jobs.  Lagueere had fresh blood on one of his hands and when asked how the injury happened, he said his pet lizard bit him.  Both eventually admitted they came to break into homes in the area.  Lagueere said he just purchased the car and couldn’t afford the insurance. 


Both were charged with Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling and Possession of Burglary tools.


richardo               deandre

Richardo Lagueere             Deandre Newsome

DOB: 10/22/96                  DOB: 4/2/97

Oakland Park, FL              Ft. Lauderdale, FL