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Tactical team arrests three potential burglars


Boca Raton, FL – On Monday, August 20th, at about 4:35 p.m., members of the Boca Raton Police Department’s Tactical Team were conducting surveillance at LA Fitness, 4950 Technology Way due to numerous automobile burglaries.


Officers saw a white Chevrolet Cruze enter the parking lot then go into the parking garage.  Officers noticed the overly dark tint on the car’s windows and when they checked the tag on the vehicle, discovered it was registered to a rental car company and was assigned to a different vehicle.  The driver of the Chevrolet, later identified as Ernest Jennings, circled the garage and then parked near a wall.  A few minutes later Jennings pulled out of the parking spot and slowly circled the garage again, then left.


Officers stopped the car and when Jennings rolled the window down, they immediately smelled the odor of marijuana emanating from the car.  Officers spoke to Jennings, the front passenger, Adolphus Munden, and the rear passenger, Thadeus Jennings. 


Officers could see the window tint was applied to the outside of the windows, a tactic commonly used by people who commit burglaries.  They also saw a woman’s cosmetic bag on the rear seat.  The three occupants gave officers conflicting stories about why they were at LA Fitness.  Officers noted that Munden was wearing a yellow traffic vest, which have been utilized in the recent past by people committing burglaries.  Officers discovered broken glass in Thadeus. Jenning’s pants pocket and a window punch in Munden’s pants pocket.


When officers searched the car, they found numerous items of jewelry, women’s wallets, women’s sunglasses, several electronic items, and marijuana.  Officers arrested all three men and charged them with possession of marijuana and possession of burglary tools.  Ernest Jennings also had a warrant out of Broward County and Munden had a warrant issued by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.


ejennings  tjennings    munden

     Ernest Jennings        Thadeus Jennings          Adolphus Munden

     DOB: 8/10/90         DOB: 3/28/81              DOB: 7/27/82

     Sunrise, FL             Sunrise, FL                   Ft. Lauderdale, FL