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Four potential burglars arrested by Tactical Team


Boca Raton, FL – On Monday, August 29, at about 2:30 in the afternoon, officers from the Boca Raton Police Department’s Tactical Team were conducting surveillance at Palmetto Park Square, 1275 West Palmetto Park Road, due to recent burglaries at fitness centers and gas stations.  Officers saw a black Pontiac SUV back into a parking space on the west side of the Post Office next to an unoccupied, red four-door car.  The SUV was occupied by three males, later identified as Andre September, the driver, Keith Redding, the front passenger, and Willi Kenzy, the rear passenger. 


Kenzy and Redding appeared to have their seats reclined as they were slouching or lying low in the seats.  On several occasions, Kenzy and Redding would pop their heads above the half- opened windows and look around the parking lot.  Kenzy also appeared to be looking into the red vehicle.  After a minute Kenzy opened his door, got partially out of the SUV and looked at the red car.  When one officer repositioned his car to have a better line of sight, Kenzy got back inside the SUV and watched as the officer drove away.  Officers continued to maintain surveillance and watched as Kenzy got out of the SUV and walked over to the nearby Sunoco gas station.


Kenzy walked around the parking lot, talking on a cell phone and then went into a nearby store.  Kenzy left the store and got into the SUV.   The SUV left the parking lot, followed closely by a silver SUV, which had also been parked in the lot.  The silver SUV followed the black SUV, mirroring every movement.  Officers followed both vehicles until they appeared to be leaving the City and then stopped them.


Officers spoke with the driver of the silver SUV, identified as Willi Shoter.  Shoter said she had followed the men in the black SUV from Miami to visit Kenzy’s sick friend, but could not give a convincing reason why they had been parked in the parking lot in Palmetto Park Square.  Officers then spoke with Redding, Kenzy, and September; all gave different explanations about why they were in Boca Raton and their actions at the shopping center. 


The subjects failed to dispel the officer’s alarm for the safety of persons or property and therefore officers arrested all four for loitering and prowling.  When officers searched the black SUV, they discovered nine screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, a window punch and nine spark plugs, all common burglary tools.  They also found four watches.


      september                         redding     

      Andrew September                            Keith Redding

      DOB 02/22/1990                              DOB 04/28/1957

      Miami Gardens, FL                            Detroit, MI

     kenzy                           shoter

     Willi Kenzy                                          Willi Shoter

      DOB 07/27/1963                                DOB 04/19/1958

      Miami, FL                                           Opa Locka, FL

 Tools found in Car: