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Man arrested after charging over $6,000 on fraudulent card

Boca Raton, FL – On Saturday, February 23, at about 6:50 p.m., Boca Raton Police officers responded to Bloomingdales, 5840 West Glades Road, for a fraud investigation. Representatives with loss prevention told officers they had detained a male, identified as Bruce Stanchiu, after he charged $6,481.90 in merchandise.

Loss prevention officers were notified that Stanchiu purchased a purse totaling $1,791.40, using a Bloomingdale’s account number from a new account receipt. Stanchiu then made a Chanel fragrance purchase using the same account number which totaled $344.50. Stanchiu left the store before loss prevention could establish whether the account was fraudulent. A short time later, loss prevention officers were able to verify that the social security number Stanchiu provided did not match the one assigned to the account. About 20 minutes later, Stanchiu re-entered the store and purchased a Tag Heuer watch valued at $4,346.00. As Stanchiu left the store, he was stopped and detained by loss prevention.

Officers verified that the name on the account and the accompanying photograph did not match Stanchiu. When officers spoke with Stanchiu, he confessed to working with an accomplice who had him open up a fraudulent account with someone else’s information. He also admitted to having a driver’s license with the account holders name and his own photograph. Stanchiu said he bought the purse and perfume then gave it to the accomplice who was waiting in a car. When officers searched Stanchiu, they found a Florida driver’s license with the account holder’s name, but Stanchiu’s photograph. When officers contacted the person named on the account, he told them he does not have a Bloomingdales account, nor did he authorize anyone to open one in his name.

Officers arrested Stanchiu and charged him with organized scheme to defraud, unauthorized use/possession of a credit card and possession of a fictitious drivers license.



Bruce Stanchiu
DOB 08/08/1983
Miami, FL