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Teenager arrested for the third time this month


Boca Raton, FL – On Thursday, July 25, Boca Raton Police officers responded to a burglary of an automobile at 3939 NE 5th Avenue. The crime was called in by a witness. 


The witness told police he was taking out the trash when he noticed that the interior light of his neighbor’s blue Dodge van was illuminated.  As he looked closer, the witness saw a male walk away from the van, light a cigarette and walk between several cars.  As the witness continued to watch, he observed the suspect open the driver’s door and go inside the Dodge. The witness called 911 and watched as the suspect got out of the van and entered a white Jeep.  The suspect got out of the Jeep as police arrived on scene.


Officers approached the suspect, identified as Logan Yannie.  The witness identified Yannie as the male he saw in the cars.  Officers located the owners of the two vehicles and determined that coins were taken.  Yannie, who was holding a Styrofoam containing coins, told officers he was cutting through the parking lot on his way home.  Yannie denied going inside any cars, but couldn’t explain why he was carrying so many coins.  Officers also found three pairs of headphones and an 80 GB iPod in his possession.


Officers arrested Yannie and charged him with two counts of burglary to a conveyance.


Logan Yannie

DOB: 9/14/93

Boca Raton, FL