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Alert Officer catches group trying to break into vehicles

Boca Raton, FL - Around 9:00 pm Saturday evening, a Boca Raton Police Services Department was conducting routine patrols of business parking lots along St. Andrews Blvd. when he came across a suspicious car in the Chili's Restaurant parking lot. The officer also noticed a female crouched down between two vehicles run and jump in the back driver's side door of the suspicious vehicle. The vehicle then immediately pulled away.


Due to the suspicious nature of the incident, the officer pulled the car over. All four occupants of the car were questioned individually as to why they were in the area and why the female passenger, Brittany Ramkelawan was squatting down between two cars. All four said Ramkelawan needed to go to the bathroom and was relieving herself in the bushes of the open restaurant. But all four had conflicting details. Two suspects, Cecil Ruffin and Jordan Mosby, said the manager of the Chili's refused to let her use the restrooms while two others said she never asked. All four also said they were at the mall, but gave different details from where they parked to how long they were there.


Upon further investigation officers found cracks in the window and pry marks on the car Ramkelawan was squatting near. There were two purses on the floor of the vehicle. The owner of the car, inside Chili's, said the damage on the windows and door was not there when she went into the restaurant. Also burglary tools were found in their vehicle along with stolen property.


The four were charged with Loitering & Prowling. Ramkelawan was also charged with attempted burglary. Jordan Mosby was also found to be in violation of probation in Broward County for Felony Possession of marijuana and charge as a violator.





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