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Balcony stunt gone wrong



A late night stunt went wrong when 20 year old Zachary Nimhauser fell five stories from a balcony at 401 NE Mizner Blvd.  Nimhauser's friend, Gabriela Sequra, said she and Nimhauser just got home from a night out and Nimhauser was locked out of his apartment, which was directly below Sequra's.  She said Nimhauser successfully lowered himself from the fifth floor balcony to his unit's balcony on the fourth floor.  When he returned to the fifth floor apartment he said to another friend, Meira Kreuter, “Hey let me show you what I can do.”  Kreuter says Nimhauser then proceeded to lower himself from one balcony to the other a second time. While doing so, Nimhauser fell five floors to the sidewalk below. 

Boca Raton Fire Rescue arrived on the scene moments after police and transported Nimhauser to Delray Medical Center.