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Woman arrested for providing Botox without a license

Boca Raton, FL – On June 6, an anonymous complainant reported to the Boca Raton Police that she purchased a Groupon for skin-tightening treatments from Beauty & Balance Aesthetic Skin Solutions, 950 Peninsula Corporate Circle, #3015. The complainant said she made an appointment and met with Sheri Goldman. During the consultation, Goldman suggested she get Botox and fillers. The complainant agreed and made an appointment for the following week. She subsequently researched Goldman and discovered Goldman had been arrested in 2012 for practicing without a license. The officer confirmed with the Department of Health that Goldman does not have a license.

On June 10, detectives began their investigation. They discovered Goldman had been arrested on July 12, 2012 for unlicensed practice of medicine and unlicensed practice of nursing. Goodman was issued a cease and desist order on August 2, 2012. On August 13, 2012, the company name of Beauty and Balance was filed with the State of Florida by Sheri Goldman. The official business website,, lists Sheri Heller (Goldman’s maiden name) as the managing director with 30 years of experience working as a surgical nurse.

Detectives set up an undercover operation utilizing an undercover detective (UC). The UC posed as a prospective customer looking for a consultation. Goldman told the UC she is an OR nurse and had been working with a plastic surgeon for 15 years before going off on her own. She further said that a nurse practitioner named Robin would be doing the Botox injections. She also said she employs a plastic surgeon who supervises the esthetician and Robin. During the consultation Goldman placed her hands on the UC’s face, as if to examine her features, prior to the discussion of the different types of procedures.

On Tuesday, June 18, detectives, working with investigators from the Florida Department of Health, arrested and charged Goldman for unlicensed practice of a health care professional and practicing nursing without a license. Goldman was also charged with violating her probation.



Sheri Goldman
DOB 11/03/1954
Highland Beach, FL