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Boca Raton Police part of Multi-Agency Bust of Dinner Set Crew


Boca Raton, FL On June 21, 2010, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement hosted a press conference to announce the arrest of six individuals involved in well-organized high-end residential burglaries. Detectives with the Boca Raton Police Services Department worked in conjunction with a number of other state and local law enforcement agencies on this case. These burglars, known as the “Dinner Set Crew,” were responsible for stealing more than $2 million in high-end jewelry from homes, many of which were located in gated communities throughout South Florida.

 In Boca Raton, there were six victims over the last year. In each case, the homes were located next to waterways in exclusive, gated developments. The suspects entered the homes through rear doors, primarily during evening hours. In many of the cases, the residents did not activate their alarm systems. 

This case is yet another example of law enforcement agencies effectively developing and implementing multi-jurisdictional task forces. This cooperative effort demonstrates our ongoing commitment to aggressively pursue criminals who choose to come to Boca Raton in order to prey on our residents.