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DNA links man to 2011 robbery

Boca Raton, FL - The crime occurred on September 7, 2011. The victim, Lillian Martinez, had just returned home from shopping and pulled her car into the garage on SW 12th Road. As she got out of her car, a male walked into her garage, mumbled something, and then grabbed the purse she was carrying. After a brief struggle, the purse strap broke and the suspect ran away with the Martinez’s purse. Martinez was not injured.

Boca Raton Police Crime Scene Technicians processed the scene and collected evidence from the exterior of Martinez’s car. The evidence was sent to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office crime lab for DNA analysis. On February 7, 2012 Boca Raton Police detectives received a letter from the CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) Administrator stating the DNA from the exterior of Martinez’s car matched Reache Evans.

Detectives contacted Martinez and showed her a photo line-up. Martinez picked Evans out of the line-up and identified him as the robber. Based on an analysis of the evidence, Boca Raton detectives arrested Evans and charged him with home invasion robbery without a weapon.




  Reache J. Evans
  DOB 07/09/1975
  Boca Raton, FL