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Employees honored for rescuing boy trapped under car


Boca Raton, FL – Three Boca Raton Police Services officers who helped free a boy trapped underneath a car were honored Thursday by the Safety Council of Palm Beach County.  Officer Mike Daly, Officer Bruce Sonnenblick and Community Service Officer Ernie Bucinskas received the Council’s Heroism award at a ceremony on Thursday, March 8th.


The three men responded to the Verde Elementary school last September after receiving information that a boy was trapped under a car in the drop off area of the school.  Six year old Domenic DeRoberts slipped off of the curb and became trapped under a car approaching the drop off area.  The three officers along with others at the scene lifted the car enough so Domenic could be pulled out.


Pictured left to right: CSO Ernie Bucinskas, Officer Mike Daly and Officer Bruce Sonnenblick