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Boca Raton Police Name Officer and Civilian of the Year


ofc and civ of yearBoca Raton, FL In a ceremony Thursday, January 21, 2010, Boca Raton Police Chief Dan Alexander awarded Detective Investigator Hanley the Officer of the Year award and Telecommunicator Supervisor Thomas Margetta the Civilian of the Year award.

Investigator Hanley

Investigator Hanley has been a police officer with the Boca Raton Police Services Department since 2002. Investigator Hanley was assigned to the Investigative Bureau in 2004 and has been assigned to the Crimes Against Persons Unit for the last three years.

Investigator Hanley has worked on many cases in the past year that have required an extra effort, including three notable robberies. In February 2009, Investigator Hanley was instrumental in arresting the individual responsible for a strong-arm robbery that occurred while he and other coworkers were having lunch. After he helped chase and catch the suspect, Investigator Hanley conducted a thorough investigation that lead to a confession. In May of 2009, Investigator Hanley responded to another strong-arm robbery. The victim was able to provide Investigator Hanley with the suspect's cell phone number. Using the number, Hanley contacted the suspect numerous times and eventually convinced him to meet, which led to the suspect confessing to the crime. In July 2009, Investigator Hanley responded to an armed robbery at a Burger King. Two males entered the business with handguns, stole the money from the register and locked the employees in the freezer. With only a print from a cup left at the scene, Investigator Hanley was able to develop a suspect named Morris. Investigator Hanley ran the suspect's name and discovered that he was arrested the day after the robbery with another male named Hawkins for a burglary in Broward County. Investigator Hanley was able to obtain a detailed confession from Hawkins which included information regarding the other suspect in the robbery. Investigator Hanley interviewed Morris on three different occasions and through his perseverance, was eventually able to obtain a full confession.

In June 2009, Investigator Hanley was assigned a sexual battery of a child case. The family of the suspect discovered that he was performing sexual acts on his granddaughter at his vacation condominium in Boca Raton after photos of the acts were seen on a camera. This case presented several obstacles from the very beginning. The camera was returned to the suspect after the photos were seen and all of the parties involved lived in Georgia. Within hours, Investigator Hanley was in contact with an agent from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and he arranged for a Child Protection Team interview with the seven year old victim at a center in Atlanta. The very next day he met with the family members who witnessed the photographs at various locations around Atlanta. Using Hanley's probable cause, the G.B.I. was able to get a search warrant for the suspect's house in Northern Georgia. Investigator Hanley, along with members of the G.B.I. and the Fannon County Sheriff's Office executed the search warrant and arrested the suspect in this case. Investigator Hanley was able to get a full confession from the suspect for acts of sexual battery committed in Boca Raton and at two different locations in Georgia. The G.B.I. charged the suspect for the sexual acts committed in Georgia. He was also able to locate the camera and although the images were deleted from the camera, he was able to retrieve the pictures. From beginning to end, this case was completed in less than 36 hours, quite a feat taking in consideration the complexity of the case and the amount of travel involved.

Thomas Margetta

Tom Margetta has been employed with the City of Boca Raton since September 1994 in various capacities within the 9-1-1 Communications Center. In 2004, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated the reconfiguration of radio frequencies and licenses in order to reduce radio interference problems caused by frequencies assigned to cell phones. In 2006, Tom Margetta was appointed Lead Representative for the City.

Since the new portable radios are basically mini computers, programming options had to be developed for the various communications needs throughout the City of Boca Raton. Tom Margetta was instrumental in the development and design of the new codeplug templates for all the radios in the City. In addition to this programming challenge, Tom and his team physically handled 1,533 radios in seven City departments and several outside agencies.

During the course of this project, Tom Margetta has interacted professionally and competently with representatives from major corporations throughout the country, other public safety organizations, attorneys and countless members of other City departments. Nationally, he is regarded as an excellent resource on the re-banding process.

The City of Boca Raton was one of the first municipalities in South Florida to successfully tackle re-banding. The project was completed on Thursday, May 28, 2009, with minimal disruptions to radio service and four days ahead of a June 1, 2009 deadline.