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College student arrested after making threats on Facebook

Boca Raton, FL On Sunday, November 14, at 2:15 a.m., security personnel at Lynn University, 3601 North Military Trail, contacted officers with the Boca Raton Police Services Department to report that a student was missing, possibly endangered, and had posted threats on Facebook indicating that he was going to recreate a Columbine High School incident. The student, Daniel Shana, was located on campus prior to the officers' arrival. When officers spoke with Shana he told them he did not intend to hurt anyone and that he was just tired of people picking on him. Officers transported Shana to a mental health facility for evaluation.

Boca Raton detectives assigned to the case spoke with Shana's friends and his Facebook friends. Several of Shana's friends read the posts, including Columbine take 2, just registered for my firearms license, just purchased the ruger SR9c 9mm. Detectives read the posts and made copies of them for evidentiary purposes. Although Shana uses the name Deejay DontStop on Facebook, he not was attempting to conceal his identity because his friends knew this name was used by Shana.

Shana also made specific threats against his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend. These threats were also posted on Facebook. Both the ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend are friends with Shana on Facebook and received the threats/posts directly and were told about the threats from mutual friends. They both told detectives they were afraid for their safety.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for Shana's computer, which revealed that Shana had searched for firearm licensing information, researched cheap firearms, and viewed several Columbine High School shooting videos.

The detective's investigation clearly revealed that Shana's threat was not only directly delivered to (the victims), but was also intended to be communicated through social networking. Shana is charged with two counts of written threats to kill or do bodily injury and with two counts of threats; extortion through written communication. Both crimes are second degree felonies.



Daniel Alexander Shana
DOB 10/26/1990
Barrington, RI

(Photo courtesy of PBSO)