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Find my iPhone app helps officers track stolen device


Boca Raton, FL – A employee at the Blue Martini called Boca Raton Police shortly before 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning because someone stole her iPhone while she was working.  The bartender, Brianna Benton, said her white iPhone was in an area behind the bar that customers could not access.  She then brought officers into the manager’s office to show them a video from the bar’s camera, depicting a male reaching over the bar, grabbing the phone and putting it in his pocket. 


Benton said the suspect, later identified as Johnny Vega, tried buying a beer with a credit card, but the card was declined.  She said he later bought a drink at another section of the bar with a different card, with the name Josshua Verna. 


A check of the “Find my iPhone” app placed the phone at 665 Glouchester Street.  Officers went to the address and called the phone.  They heard a faint ringing from inside Apartment 14.  The door was answered by Josshua Verna.  Officers said they were investigating a theft and asked if they could ask a few questions.  Verna allowed officers into the apartment and they observed another person, matching the suspect’s description, sleeping on the couch.


Officers woke up the suspect who said he had no knowledge of the stolen phone.  Officers again called Benton’s phone, which rang and was located inside a backpack.  Vega eventually admitted to stealing the phone.  He was charged with one count of Grand Theft.


Johnny Vega


Wellington, FL