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DNA evidence links burglar to crime

Boca Raton, FL The crime occurred on October, 19 2009, when the resident of 336 East Camino Real came home to discover her house had been burglarized. The burglar pried open the exterior alarm box, cut the wires, and then entered the house by prying open a rear sliding glass door. Once inside, the burglar stole two flat screen televisions and a cordless drill. But it wasn't what the burglar took with him that proved to be the key to solving this crime. Instead, it was what he left behind.

The suspect left blood in four different locations throughout the house, including drops left on the family dog. Crime Scene Technician Jason Neitz collected the evidence and submitted it to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office forensics unit for DNA analysis.

On June 6, 2010, Detective Ronald Mello, who was assigned to the case, received notification that the DNA evidence had been analyzed and entered into CODIS (Combined DNA Index System). The DNA matched convicted offender, Adam Fleming. After verifying that the residents did not know Fleming and that he had never been in their house to do work, Detective Mello filed for an arrest warrant.

On June 18, Fleming was arrested and charged with burglary to an unoccupied dwelling and grand theft.


Adam Fleming

DOB 11/25/1984

Deerfield Beach, FL