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Suspicious incident yields fraudulent tax returns


Boca Raton, FL – On Friday, December 28th, while conducting patrols, members of the Boca Raton Police Tac Team observed a car driving suspiciously around the parking lot at the “T-Rex” business complex.  The officer observed the driver of the car making multiple stops, driving in circles and pulling into a number of parking spots. 


Once back up arrived, officers initiated a traffic stop.  The female occupants of the car said they were looking for a restaurant called Opium, which does not exist in the city.  A check of records indicated neither person had a valid driver’s license.  A check of the car turned up marijuana, pills and a four inch kitchen knife.  Both women were taken into custody for not having a driver’s license and for the drugs found in the car.


While searching the trunk of the car, officers found a bag with the words “Census 2010” on it.  Inside where multiple folders with Turbo Tax returns, official letters and prepaid Visa Cards associated with the tax returns.  Included on the forms were the victim’s names, social security numbers, addresses, and the dollar amount of the return.  All but one was addressed to people in Tallahassee, where both suspects lived. 


Victoria Goban was charged with Fraudulent Use of a personal I.D. information and Driving with a Suspended License.  Technie Joseph was charged with Possession of Schedule III substance, Possession of a Fraudulent I.D., Carrying a Concealed Weapon, and Possession of Marijuana. The investigation into the stolen identity and tax returns is ongoing.


jt                 gv

 Technie Love Joseph                    Vicdtoria Goban

 DOB: 1/7/91                                DOB: 3/27/91

 Tallahassee, FL                            Tallahassee, FL