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Husband-Wife Team Arrested for Strongarm Robbery

Boca Raton, FL A husband and wife are behind bars after ripping a woman's purse off her arm and taking off. It happened just before 9:00pm Wednesday night in the parking lot of the Publix at 7431 North Federal Highway. Judith Torocsik says she was leaving the market after buying a few groceries. When she got to her car, she was approached by a Hispanic male who smiled at her. Because the male was so close, she asked him if she could help him. That's when he said, “just your purse” and pulled it off her arm.

 As Torocsik ran after the male, a white car approached, and the suspect jumped into the passenger's seat. Torocsik threw her grocery bags on the car hood as it drove by her. A BOLO was issued and a short time later the suspected vehicle was spotted by a Boca Raton Police officer at the intersection of Dixie Highway and Yamato Road. The two occupants matched the description of the suspects and were later identified by the victim.  

Once in custody, the male, identified as Ismael Vazquez, denied any involvement. However, the female, Jahaira Vazquez, told a different story. She said they dropped their children off at a friend's house and went to get a drink at a gas station. Jahaira said Ismael didn't want one but changed his mind once they got back on the road. She says they stopped at Publix where Ismael got out and went into the store to get his drink. When he came out of the supermarket, he didn't have a drink, and was following a woman pushing a shopping cart. For a short time he disappeared from his wife's view, but as he getting into the car, she saw a woman running after him. When she inquired about what was going on, she said Ismael told her not to worry about it. 

Investigators also spoke with the individual who was watching the Vazquez children and learned that when they returned to pick them up, Ismael Vazquez asked for a trash bag. Investigators found the victim's purse in a dumpster in the area.  

Jahaira Vazquez was charged with robbery by sudden snatching. Her husband Ismael Vazquez was charged with Robbery by sudden snatching, principal in the first degree.


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