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Traffic stop turns up identity theft victims


Boca Raton, FL – On Wednesday, January 9th, while conducting patrols around the city, an officer with the Boca Raton Police Tactical Team observed a car driving suspiciously on Glades Road.  The driver of the car was switching lanes without turn signals and turned into the Town Center Mall parking lot where he continued to drive around aimlessly. A check of the tag showed it was registered to a different car.   Due to his suspicion, the officer called for backup and pulled the over vehicle.


The driver of the car, Ihuanhoje Ivagba, said the car belongs to his girlfriend, Elonshiree Altermese Carter, who was lying face down in the passenger seat because of what she said was recent surgery.  Ivagba added that the tag was expired, so he put his vehicle’s tag on her car so they could drive around.  Officers smelled marijuana and asked the occupants to exit the vehicle. 


When officers began searching the car, they found marijuana, and a slew of stolen identity documents with the names, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers and social security numbers of dozens of people, from around the country.  Officers also found fraudulent credit cards opened in many of the names of those listed on the documents. The search also turned up documents from the website “PeopleSmart” with more personal identity information, including social security numbers, PayPal account information, passwords, security questions and email addresses.  Carter was also in possession of a Maine driver’s license with her picture and another woman’s name. When contacted in Maine, the woman said while trying to open a new credit card account she learned that her identity was stolen.


During questioning, Carter said the documents must have been placed in the car by her mechanic. Ivagba said he found the documents in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant.  Both were charged with Identity Theft, Possession of Marijuana and attaching an unassigned tag to a vehicle.  The investigation into the identity theft continues.


carterelonshiree                   ivagba

Elonshiree Altermese Carter      Ihuanjoje Ivagba

DOB: 10/31/78                        DOB: 11/14/55

Miramar, FL                            Miramar, FL

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