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Have an iPhone, iPad or iTouch? Make sure tracking app is activated



Boca Raton, FL – With the popularity of smart devices comes opportunities for thieves to steal them.  iPads, iPhones and other smart devices have become  popular targets.   Unfortunately for many who have had their iPads or iPhones stolen, there is not much that can be done if the owner didn’t have the tracking software app installed and turned on.


With iPhones, iPads and iTouches there is an app you can download called “Find my iPhone”. With most of the Apple iPhone devices, if upgraded to the iOS 5 operating system, the “Find my iPhone” program is built in and must be activated by the owner through a simple process.   Users simply need to follow the directions at: and utilize the pass code lock system.


The app enables you to locate your device on a map from any computer, lock your device remotely if lost and more importantly, you can wipe it clean and reset your device. The app also enables law enforcement to assist you if your device is stolen.


Having the pass code set blocks the thief from getting into your apps and the settings necessary to disable the “Find your iPhone” feature.  Which means it makes it easier to track if stolen. 


Bottom line, anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iTouch should pass code protect their phone and have the software set to locate the phone if lost or stolen.