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Man arrested for stealing assault rifles


Boca Raton, FL Dan Mead called Boca Raton Police Services Department on August 25, 2010 to report four firearms, including two assault rifles, missing when he returned home from vacation.

Detectives from the Boca Raton Police Services Department matched serial numbers provided by Mead to pawn shop transactions in the tri-county area. Detectives located three of the stolen weapons at a pawn shop in Broward County, and upon review of the pawn receipt, identified Bennet Kulback, of Boynton Beach, as the individual who pawned the weapons. When confronted by detectives at his residence, Kulback confessed to stealing the weapons, but stated he couldn't remember where he sold the fourth weapon, a Glock handgun. Mead told detectives that he met Bennet once, and knew him as an associate of Sutton, but didn't know his last name.

Upon questioning, Kulback added that he had met Sutton a couple of months ago and went with him to Mead's house and learned that he owned several weapons. Aware that Mead was away on vacation, Kulback returned to the house alone, parked at a vacant house and walked up to Mead's house. He said the door was unlocked and he entered and stole the weapons and later sold them for cash to buy drugs.

Kulback was arrested and charged with one count of Armed Burglary, and four counts of Grand Theft of a firearm.


Bennet Kulback

234 NW Wavecrest Ct

Boynton Beach, FL

DOB 3/19/82