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Boca Raton Police identify man from bones found in 2008

Boca Raton, FL Detectives with the Boca Raton Police Services Department have positively identified skeletal remains found on September 12, 2008 in an undeveloped area near 1800 West Palmetto Park Road.

The break in the case came when Detective Juan Pijuan received a call from an investigator from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office who told Detective Pijuan that he worked a missing person's case from a couple of years prior involving a homeless man in the area.He provided Detective Pijuan with the person's name, Keith McGee.Once he had a name, Detective Pijuan looked up the McGee's driver's license photo.He noticed the person in the picture appeared to have had a broken nose.The autopsy completed shortly after the bones were discovered, revealed the person had a fractured nose that later healed.Also, an x-ray of the remains by the medical examiner revealed a bullet lodged in one of the bones.

After an exhaustive search, McGee's father was located and DNA samples were taken to compare against the remains. Family members also confirmed that McGee was shot in Gulfport, Mississippi and doctors could not remove the bullet due to its proximity to his spine.The nature of the injury was difficult to corroborate since the hospital and all of its records were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.

A special DNA test, which took over a year to complete, determined that the bones belonged to McGee.The Medical Examiner's Office issued their report on March 2, 2010 citing the cause of death to be undetermined.Family members indicated that McGee was in poor health. McGee had no identifiable address and was known to live in a makeshift homeless camp near the area where his remains were discovered.