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Boca Raton Police TAC Team arrests man in wig

millerBoca Raton, FL Members of the Boca Raton Police Services Department Tactical Team have been conducting undercover surveillance in the northeast part of Boca Raton due to recent burglaries, .On June 2, 2010, they noticed a male riding a bike, wearing what appeared to be a wig.This individual and the bike matched a description given to police by residents, who previously observedthe same subject walking around homes and trying windows and garage doors.

While watching the suspect, undercover officers noticed the man walking around houses, taking his wig off, and other activities that were suspicious in nature.After a short time, the suspect put his wig back on and pedaled away on his bike.After observing him riding his bike against the correct flow of traffic, TAC Team officers tried to stop him.After multiple attempts, the suspect finally stopped.Boca Raton Police officers identified the individual as Brandon Miller.

Miller was uncooperative and would not answer any questions.Upon a search of his body, officers found a glass crack cocaine pipe and crack cocaine.During his arrest, Miller became verbally combative and threatened to kill one officer by saying he would pop a cap in him. Miller also threatened the families of multiple officers.

Miller was charged with possession of Crack/Cocaine, Four counts of Corruption by Threat, Loitering and Prowling, Resisting without Violence, Possession of Paraphernalia and wearing a disguise during the commission of a crime.Anyone with any additional information about Miller is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 800-458-TIPS.


Brandon Miller

DOB: 9/26/84

Boca Raton, FL