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Missing/runaway juvenile found at school


Boca Raton, FL On Sunday, November 7, Gabriel Dormeus reported that his 16 year old son, Junior Dormeus, took his packed suitcase, which contained all his belongings, and left the house. Mr. Dormeus was sending his son back to Haiti the next day.

 On November 16, detectives assigned to the case contacted Mr. Dormeus and the school resource officer at Boca Raton High School, where Junior is a student. Mr. Dormeus was unable to provide the names of any friends who Junior may have been in contact with. Detectives contacted the school resource officer to let him know that Dormeus had run away from home and to alert Boca Raton Police if he returned to school.  

On Thursday, December 2, detectives received a phone call from the school resource officer who said he had information that a student had communicated with Dormeus on Facebook. The student told detectives he had seen Dormeus one day near Boca Raton High School, but did not know Dormeus was missing until after he saw the Boca Raton Police news release. The school resource officer told detectives that Dormeus had not been at school and advised he would check the following day and call if Dormeus returned to school. On Friday, December 3, detectives received a phone call telling them Dormeus returned to school.



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