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New version of old scam surfaces


Boca Raton, FL – Over the past week Boca Raton Police officers have documented reports of a similar scam where the potential victims received a phone call from a male with a Spanish accent, who told them that a family member was involved in a traffic crash and was being held for ransom by the caller.  The victim was instructed to go to a Publix and wire a $1,200 ransom payment through Western Union and the loved one would then be released.  In both cases, the family member was never in any danger and no ransom was sent.


If you receive a phone call like this, it is most likely a scam. If at all possible, have someone else call your family member and notify police while you are on the phone with the caller. When speaking with the caller, never add any information about yourself or the family member. Be aware that criminals are always looking for new ways to take your money, property or identity. Never send money through Western Union to anyone you do not know. Kidnappers don’t use Western Union. Be alert, vigilant and report all suspicious activity.