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Boca Raton Police Honor Officer & Civilian

of the Year


Boca Raton, FL – In a ceremony Friday, January 25th, Boca Raton Police Chief Dan Alexander awarded Detective Sean Flynn the Officer of the Year Award and Brenda McWhorter the Civilian of the Year Award.


Pictured left to right: Brenda McWhorter, Civilian of the Year, Chief Dan Alexander, Detective Sean Flynn, Officer of the Year.

Detective Sean Flynn


Investigator Flynn has been a police officer with the Boca Raton Police Services Department since 1999.  In 2009 Detective Flynn was selected as a founding member of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU).  The unit was established to identify and target individuals travelling into the City to commit crimes and assist investigators with high tech investigative techniques. Detective Flynn has also been a member of the Boca Raton Police Bomb Squad since 2004 in which he has assumed the role as primary robotic operator.  In this role, he is tasked with developing a means of robotically deploying an overpressure device designed to defeat the command system of an improvised explosive device.  With ideas from team members, Flynn developed a mounting bracket for the robot that would facilitate delivery of the overpressure device.  This has lead to the FBI’s Devices Operations Center requesting permission to distribute a bulletin nationwide to all Bomb Squads outlining how to retrofit robots with this design.


Detective Flynn has also helped solve and arrest numerous cases in the City.  In June 2011 Detective Flynn assisted in the investigation of several residential burglaries that seemed to be targeting vacant residences.  It was believed the suspect was utilizing the residences for shelter then stealing items from within, along with the vehicles in the garage.  The suspect was identified through fingerprints left behind on a recovered vehicle.  Detective Flynn, using his contacts, determined similar crimes were taking place near the beach in Deerfield.  Believing the suspect was still in one of the residence; Detective Flynn conducted surveillance of the area and subsequently arrested the suspect who confessed to five resident burglaries in Boca Raton.


In April 2011 Detective Flynn started to investigate the theft and sale of a Rolex watch on eBay.  The case started back in March when the victim reported that he believed his roommate stole two of his Rolex watches valued at $5,000. The roommate, Arthur Braun, was no longer living with the victim and his whereabouts were unknown. A search was conducted at pawn shops in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties, based upon the serial number provided by the victim and by the name of the suspect. Though no transactions were found, investigators determined the watch had been sold to James Ratcliffe, who knew Braun through rehab. Ratcliffe, who thought the watch was a replica, bought it for $200 and had it serviced. When he found out it was real, he decided to sell it on EBay and received $3,161 for it from Michel Ipenza. The watch was shipped to a Miami address. When investigators went to the address, they learned that Ipenza lived in Peru and the Miami shipping address belonged to a friend. Further investigation revealed that the friend had taken the watch to Ipenza when she visited him on a recent trip to Peru. When Ipenza learned the watch was stolen, he contacted Boca Raton investigators and agreed to send it back.

Arrest warrants were filed for Arthur Braun on August 3, 2011, charging him with second degree

felony, dealing in stolen property.


These are just a few brief examples of Investigator Flynn’s work and dedication.


Brenda McWhorter


Brenda has worked in Communications of the Boca Raton Police Services Department since 2008.  For the last two years Brenda has been the Cities Radio Technician.  The duties include citywide assignment of 1,500 radios along with maintaining and keeping track of all portable and in-car radios in nearly 80 departments in the City.  Her duties also include keeping track of all returned and malfunctioning radios, supervising installation and switching out of in car radios, approve radio vendor invoices and collect payments from various departments, and maintaining inspection of City FCC licenses.


Her duties also include maintaining all cell phone inventories for the Police Department, along with being the main contact with AT&T for new phones, disconnects, and activations.  McWhorter also assigns all call signs in the CAD system, coordinates supplies for hurricane preparedness and sets up critical testing for probationary employees. 


These are just a handful of the tasks Brenda McWhorter does on a daily basis.  While the tasks appear to be truly overwhelming, McWhorter has a talent not everyone possesses.  She is proficient, resourceful and patient.