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Pair arrested minutes after using stolen Credit Card

Officer credited with alerting woman to contact Credit Card Company


Boca Raton, FL – It was a case of all the pieces falling into place at once that lead to the arrest of a pair of thieves who used a victim's credit cards shortly after stealing them.  It started at Boca Raton's Gumbo Limbo Park, 1801 North Ocean Blvd on Wednesday, February 17th.  That's when Officer Joe Pirro was dispatched to the park to investigate two car burglaries that had just occurred.  A witness at the park saw it happen and jotted down the license plate of the car the suspects used.  One of the victims, Terry Kigore, said he and his girlfriend, Holly Aiello returned to the car to find the window smashed and Aiello's purse missing.  Officer Pirro asked Aiello to immediately call Bank Atlantic to report her credit card stolen.  When she did, the bank representative informed her that the card was just used at Macy's at Town Center Mall in Boca Raton. 

 Officer Pirro Immediately alerted dispatched and a BOLO (Be on the lookout) was issued. An officer working in the mall spotted the vehicle and pulled it over. The two people in the car, William Lee and Shari Bruce were found in possession of the stolen credit cards along with a crack cocaine pipe.  While Lee refused to talk to Boca Raton detectives, but Bruce said Lee broke into the cars and stole the purse and credit cards. He then instructed Bruce to go into Macy's to buy a piece of jewelry he was going to sell at a pawn shop.  Lee went to GameStop and bought two video games he was apparently going to sell as well.

The investigation resulted with the arrest of William Lee, who was charged with two counts of burglary to auto, grand theft, two counts of possession of a controlled substance and fraudulent use of a credit card for more than $100.00.  Shari Bruce was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card for more than $100.00, two counts of conspiracy to commit a crime and possession of drug paraphernalia.








Shari Bruce                                              William Lee

DOB: 2/7/67                                             DOB: 10/13/69

4108 Emerald Vista                                 2905 NW 22nd Way

Lake Worth, FL                                      Boynton Beach, FL