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Boca Raton Officer shoots charging Pit Bull


Boca Raton, FL Shortly after 7:00 pm on Tuesday night, Boca Raton Police officers responded to 2217 NW 3rd Avenue after receiving a 911 call regarding loose pit bulls running around the neighborhood. Upon arrival, officers met with the caller who stated her husband, Adam Faustini, was around the corner in front of 2221 NW 3rd Court, where she believed the dogs lived. Officers walked up the street and around the corner when they saw a blue truck occupied by another neighbor, Everett Hill. Hill pointed to the front of the house where the dogs lived and said he was outside when the dogs began charging him and he had to jump in his truck to avoid being attacked. As officers got within 30 yards of the house, two pit bulls ran out an open front door and began charging the officers, barking viciously. The two officers began backing up and yelling at the dogs to stop. As the lead pit bull got within 10 feet of officers, one officer drew his handgun and fired one shot, hitting the dog below the left eye. After the second dog ran into the house, the officers were able to close the door. No one was home at the time.

Adam Faustini told officers he noticed the front door open and when he pulled into the driveway to check the house, the dogs ran out and charged him also. A short time later the resident of 2221 NW 3rd Court and owner of the dogs, Summer Davis, arrived on scene. She stated she must not have secured the door when she left earlier in the day. She called a friend who assisted her in taking the dog for medical attention. The Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Division arrived to investigate the case. Inquiries about the animal should be directed to them.